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Interview Doug Kaufmann met Dr. Simoncini

doug kaufmannA MUST SEE for everyone who believes that cancer is a mysterious disease!
Watch now as this millennium's most important cancer discovery is told. Then please send it to loved ones who need this information. Tell everyone you know to sign up for our free newsletter, because the information is simply too important to be without the next time you find yourself in a hospital or doctor's office.
Doug Kaufmann - know the cause.com

In 1998, a television network requested Kaufmann’s presence and his TV shows have grown in popularity ever since. Today, Hermosa Studios in Rockwall, Texas tapes and edits the TV shows and arranges satellite uplinking for many independent television stations and networks to pull the show down and broadcast it in over 80,000,000 households throughout America. The show can be viewed on first tier DISH, DirecTV and via many cable systems nationwide. Kaufmann has always encouraged his viewers to understand why they are ill. His Show, KNOW THE CAUSE, expounds upon his decades old discovery and continues to teach the importance of disease prevention. The show has won three “Telly” awards.

Kaufmann has published seven books dealing with the discovery. He has lectured throughout America and writes extensively. At 58 years young, Kaufmann enjoys jogging and time with his family, two grown sons and his wife of 28 years. Truly, these are his greatest accomplishments.

Doug Kaufmann Interview met Doug Kaufmann



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